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XELLA GmbH, the world leader in innovative solutions in the global building materials market, and its official representative in Cyprus ARVIT Services Ltd offers MULTIPOR mineral thermal insulation - an intelligent, modern, and efficient custom solution for wall and roof constructions. MULTIPOR helps achieve sustainable and environmentally friendly homes and change the building culture.

MULTIPOR mineral insulation helps to achieve a superior quality of life in Cyprus alongside excellent cost-effectiveness in every project!

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The key advantages of MULTIPOR that can help you to make the right choice when it comes to your future Home insulation 


Made of mineral raw materials, MULTIPOR does not contain any flammable or combustible materials at all. In case of a fire, MULTIPOR can withstand fire for over 12 hours, does not collect water during fire extinguishing, and does not require replacement after the fire.


MULTIPOR's ability to remove the excess moisture from your home for decades without annual maintenance or electricity consumption is crucial to the humid climate of Cyprus. Give no chance for mold to appear in your home! With MULTIPOR insulation.


Unlike other common thermal insulation materials, MULTIPOR is a completely mineral-based material made of sand, cement, and lime. These raw materials are not affected by UV radiation, high temperatures, or rainwater. Therefore, the lifetime of MULTIPOR mineral boards and their thermal properties in Cyprus are times longer compared to other insulating materials. This means your energy bills will be low not just for a few years, but throughout the lifetime of your Home. Also, no additional expenses for aged insulation replacement.


MULTIPOR insulation system is sustainable and has received numerous awards for being environmentally and health-friendly. The natureplus ecolabel and the environmental declaration of the Institute of Construction and Environment, e.v., are a testament to the proven environmental and user-friendliness of the MULTIPOR mineral insulation boards.  These certificates also confirm the absence of any hazardous substances in the composition of MULTIPOR.


MULTIPOR helps to improve the sound insulation of buildings. It is important for a residential building that the level of external noise is minimal. Road noise is in the low-frequency range and is perceived as extremely unpleasant and annoying. MULTIPOR solves this problem thanks to its cellular structure and the materials used in its composition.


MULTIPOR helps to reduce costs both for investment in complex and expensive heating and cooling systems and for maintenance, power supply and replacement of this equipment in the future.

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