MULTIPOR  External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS)

The external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) is the optimal solution for the energy efficient and sustainable thermal insulation of exterior walls and/or cladding - in new construction as well as renovation

Advantages of MULTIPOR ETICS

Thanks to its composition (MULTIPOR is made of sand, cement and lime and has no synthetic materials in its composition) MULTIPOR is the most effective thermal insulation system in the hot and humid climate of Cyprus. MULTIPOR provides its owner with the maximum thermal insulation life time, the lowest maintenance costs and significantly reduces the owner's building maintenance costs compared to other insulation materials in Cyprus. This makes MULTIPOR the most economical solution for those who intend to live in a house insulated with MULTIPOR for a long time.

MULTIPOR is a system for those who are building a House for themselves and their families!

The main reasons to choose MULTIPOR for external insulation of your home:
  • Consistently high thermal efficiency even in hot countries
  • Does not accumulate moisture in the walls of a house
  • The highest fire safety rating (A1)
  • Absolute eco-friendliness 
  • Built-in sound insulation
  • Reduces investments in expensive engineering systems
  • Fast and easy installation 
  • Completely harmonized system

Consistently high thermal efficiency

Unlike other common thermal insulation materials, MULTIPOR is the completely mineral-based material made of sand, cement and lime. These raw materials are not affected to ultraviolet, high temperatures or rainwater. Therefore, the life time of MULTIPOR mineral boards in Cyprus is times longer compared to other insulating materials. In addition, MULTIPOR has stable, irreducible thermal efficiency (thermal conductivity), geometry and compressive strength throughout the life of your building, which are the weak points of other insulation materials at high temperatures in Cyprus.

Consistently low thermal conductivity of MULTIPOR, for decades, grants homeowners with consistently low cooling / heating bills over the life of the building, as well as no significant cost to replace aged thermal insulation every 10-12 years in hot climate of Cyprus.

Moreover, these bills mentioned above will be lower even in comparison with houses insulated with seemingly "warmer" polystyrene, since in houses insulated with MULTIPOR there is no need to keep windows and doors opened constantly to remove excess moisture.
Important fact that unlike most countries in Europe and the UK, Cyprus' climate is hot and humid, with a large difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures in summer. This creates uncomfortable conditions for building materials with synthetic base, such as styrene in polystyrene or resin in insulation wools. Even been protected from harsh UV radiation with reinforcement layer, these materials are exposed to high temperatures. When there are only 2-3 weeks with a temperature on the facades about 40 Celsius in the most EU countries with a moderate climate, in Cyprus our facades can be heated up to above 50 Celsius for several months.
Such extreme temperature conditions drastically shorten the life span of synthetic-based building materials, including polystyrene and insulation wool. Polystyrene loses its thermal properties due to the "thermal drift" effect (when a special gas inside the polystyrene is replaced by ordinary air due to the diffusion effect, which occurs the faster, the higher the temperature on facades) and due to thermal destruction (the most of polystyrenes has 60-70 Celsius maximum operating temperature for long time using and the closer temperature of facades to this range the faster polystyrene destruction). Most of the resins used in mineral wool do not have a long service life when heated, which also leads to their rather rapid degradation in the climatic conditions of Cyprus. Therefore MULTIPOR is the strongest and most durable thermal insulation in Cyprus.

High water vapor permeability

High humidity is a major problem for building materials and engineering systems used in the Cyprus climate. If the absolute humidity outside in the continental EU countries is usually 8-12 g / m3, then in Cyprus it can reach 25 g / m3 or even more! Such a high level of humidity reduces the thermal properties of both masonry and thermal insulation, increases the costs of drying and ventilation of a house, and provokes the appearance of mold. And therefore, not all building materials with a good reputation in countries with moderate or even cold climates are suitable for the climate of Cyprus.
Moreover, since in Cyprus generally the absolute humidity level is higher outside the building than inside, ventilation is not as efficient when it comes to dehumidification compared to the continental EU and especially the northern EU. This is why we must consider the ability of building materials used in construction to protect buildings from excessive moisture. Unlike polystyrene, MULTIPOR is able to absorb and move out excessive moisture from the walls and roofing elements of the building structure. The vapor transmission of MULTIPOR is approximately 50 times higher than XPS (extruded polystyrene) and 10-12 times higher compared to EPS (expanded polystyrene).

MULTIPOR's ability to dry a building - its walls and interior spaces - without annual maintenance or electricity consumption, for decades, is crucial to the humid climate of Cyprus!

You get stable energy efficiency of the masonry with dry walls insulated with MULTIPOR, reduce your costs for cooling / heating, as well as for repairing plaster and paint peeled. Finally, with MULTIPOR you are not forced to keep windows and doors opened most of the time to reduce humidity in your home like you do with plastic insulation and that makes one useless in Cyprus.

The highest fire safety rating

Made of mineral raw materials, MULTIPOR does not contain any flammable or combustible materials at all. When put into fire, MULTIPOR can withstand fire for up to 12 hours or more, which is much more than other insulating materials (especially in comparison with polystyrene).
Thanks to MULTIPOR, in the event of a fire, no flammable droplets are formed, which prevents the fast spread of fire along facades during a fire. In addition, MULTIPOR does not produce fatal fire smoke, which is the leading cause of deaths when fire. Unlike other insulating materials, MULTIPOR can be easily repaired without the complete replacement even after a fire, which is another economically valuable feature of MULTIPOR.

The best fire safety properties makes MULTIPOR the most desired thermal insulation material for both private and apartment buildings, when safety is a priority!

Absolute eco-friendliness

The MULTIPOR external thermal insulation composite system is sustainable and has received numerous awards for being environmentally friendly. The natureplus ecolabel, which is known for its high ecological standards, as well as the environmental declaration of the Institute of Construction and Environment, e.v., are a testament to the proven environmental and user friendliness of the Multipor mineral insulation boards, which consist purely of lime, sand, cement, and water.  These certificates also confirm the absence of any hazardous substances in the composition of MULTIPOR insulating boards, which makes them not only an excellent choice for external thermal insulation of buildings, but also an ideal choice in cases where floor, wall or ceiling insulation can only be done from the inside.
The remnants of MULTIPOR mineral insulation boards are 100% recyclable without polluting our planet. They can be either reuse into the production cycle (instead of thrown away), or use for other construction works.

Sustainability of MULTIPOR is very important both for nature and for our health. Using MULTIPOR makes our lives healthier and longer, reduces our medical costs and makes us happier

Built-in sound insulation

MULTIPOR is not a cure specifically designed for sound insulation of a building, but it helps to improve the sound insulation of one. It is important for a residential building that the level of external noise is minimal. Road noise is in the low frequency range and is perceived as extremely unpleasant and annoying. MULTIPOR solve this problem thanks to its cellular structure and through the materials used in its composition. Depending on the external wall, its sound insulation index is increased by another 1-2 dB. This makes MULTIPOR one of the best thermal insulation systems in terms of sound insulation and significantly improves the quality of housing, and this means that among other thermal insulation materials

MULTIPOR is an effective sound insulation against traffic noise and similar noises


Reducing investment and operating costs for engineering systems

A properly insulated home requires less energy to cool or heat. Given the rather warm climate of Cyprus, it is possible to abandon expensive floor heating systems and replace expensive powerful air conditioning systems with cheaper ones with less energy consumption.
Complex and powerful electromechanical machines require annual service, external power supplies and must be replaced with new ones every 10-15 years, whereas MULTIPOR is paid for and installed only during construction or renovation work, without any future costs for service work or energy sources (electricity , fuel, etc.). Therefore, 

MULTIPOR helps to reduce costs both for investment in complex and expensive heating and cooling systems and for maintenance, power supply and replacement of this equipment in the future.

Fast and easy installation

The MULTIPOR external thermal insulation composite system can be installed simply, rapidly, and securely. The MULTIPOR mineral insulation boards are lightweight, can be cut by handsaw, and are free of fibers and toxic substances. Even challenging building geometries such as curves can be simply formed with a MULTIPOR external thermal insulation composite system.
95% of the installation work for MULTIPOR coincides with the application of polystyrene thermal insulation. Construction companies do not need additional time to install MULTIPOR. Moreover, the physical properties of MULTIPOR make it possible to increase the speed of work, including the leveling of facades and the mechanical fastening of MULTIPOR mineral plates, which makes the cost of insulation work with the MULTIPOR system similar to the cost of installing polystyrene insulation.

Completely harmonized system

A complete external thermal insulation system consists of various components. In the MULTIPOR external thermal insulation system, these components are optimally combined with each other and can be used in any building project. The system components are part of the delivery program and are quickly and easily available to you.


MULTIPOR is not just a thermal insulation. In the climate of Cyprus, MULTIPOR allows you to solve many different problems aimed at reducing costs, as well as increasing the level of comfort and safety. Only MULTIPOR allows you at the same time:
- to dramatically and constantly reduce heating and cooling costs for the entire life of a building,
- to significantly reduce investment costs for climatic engineering systems, as well as future costs for their power supply and maintenance,
- to make the microclimate in the house healthier and eliminate mold appearance,
- significantly reduce or even completely eliminate the periodic repair work caused by wetting the walls under the polystyrene insulation, as well as the associated costs,
- to protect the house from external fires and minimize damage in case of fire inside the house.

Take care of yourself - choose the right "clothes" for your home!